Pet Sitter: Nancy Evans


Nancy takes care of up to 18 pets a day as a part of Dolce Vita Pet Care.

For Nancy Evans, having a full-time job as a pet sitter was never something she sought out to do. She would occasionally take care of her friends’ and family’s dogs, but it was always a side job to her corporate job at Nordstrom.

“It just kind of morphed its way into that,” Evans said. “I really truly believe if you do what you love, it will work.”

Dogs happily sit in the front seat of Nancy’s car.

Evans grew up with pets at her home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. She lived near a stable, so her family had horses as well as cats and dogs. Now, since 2008, Evans runs her own pet care business called Dolce Vita Pet Care, which she named after her dog from 20 years ago.

“It’s very rewarding, which is something that I was lacking,” Evans said. “I love the individuality of it, and me being able to craft my day and organize it and get things done.”

So, what does a typical day look for Evans? Seven days a week, she drives to houses throughout Seattle to check in on pets, give them a walk or run, bring them to the park, and take care of them overnight. Sometimes she takes care of18 pets a day.

The dogs wait patiently as Nancy prepares to feed them dinner.

“It’s never really exhausting. If someone is not getting along – like a new dog or a dog at the park – that can get exhausting,” Evans said. “It just takes one to screw up the whole dynamic.”

Generally, the pets get along. They see each other so much that it’s almost like they’re friends going to day camp. There are a few regulars at the Evans household – she owns dogs Ketchup, Biscuit and Peanut. She found Peanut and Biscuit on the road, and Ketchup was a former client who needed a home.

As Evans enters her seventh year of running Dolce Vita Pet Care, it’s the little moments that are her favorite part of the job.

“Everyone, for the most part, is really happy to see me,” she said. “I have this one Papillon that I take out, and as soon as I park the car and I get out, I can hear him barking in his condo, like, ‘My ride’s here!’ It’s really cute.”

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